We’re previewing our next exclusive, behind-the-scenes video at Bristols Cider House next week by talking about the Craft Cider Revolution happening right here in the United States. It’s an exciting time for this oft-ignored beverage and we introduce you to one of our local favorites here before introducing you to Bristols Cider in our next video. New to cider? Check out our Down and Dirty Truth post all about cider misperceptions. Think cider is girly, sweet and maybe not for you? Think again…there’s a whole spectrum of amazing ciders out there now from dry to off-dry to sweet. Some are clean and crisp while others have a cheesy, barnyard funk that sour beer lovers and orange wine drinkers would die for…click below to watch the video and learn more:

All right Tippler Nation…are you with us? It’s time to give cider a second chance…or a third, fourth, twentieth if you’re already a cider aficionado like us! And if you want to start with two of our favorites that we mentioned here you can check out Far Cider and Bristols Cider to get your hands on the good stuff. And trust us, it’s very good stuff indeed! We’d love to hear some of your favorites and thoughts on cider in general as well, so make sure to start the dialogue in the comments below!

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