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What Happens To Spent Grain?

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Craft Beer
Sour Beer: It's Lip Puckering Good
Sour Beer: It’s Lip Puckering Good

Sour Beer: It’s Lip Puckering Good

Sour Beers: they’re sour. Just reading this post will make your mouth water. (You’re welcome!) For those who haven’t tried a sour beer, it’s quite the experience. Your first sip will be a shock to your palate, and for some it may taste like a bad batch of beer. Give it time and a few more sips and you’ll be hooked. If you’re someone who likes dry, European ciders or funky, farmhouse ales or barnyard, earthy wines I’d make a solid bet that sour beers are going to be right in your wheelhouse! And if not, I bet we can still find a perfect sour for you...

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