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VIDEO: A Sour Beer For Everyone!

Sour skeptics rejoice! In this video we’re here to convince you that there IS a sour beer for everyone given the incredible range of options that now exist from craft brewers around the world. This is the first video in a 3-part series for both sour skeptics and sour lovers alike.

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Sour Beer: It’s Lip Puckering Good

Sour Beers: they’re sour. Just reading this post will make your mouth water. (You’re welcome!) For those who haven’t tried a sour beer, it’s quite the experience. Your first sip will be a shock to your palate, and for some it may taste like a bad batch of beer. Give it time and a few more sips and you’ll be hooked. If you’re someone who likes dry, European ciders or funky, farmhouse ales or barnyard, earthy wines I’d make a solid bet that sour beers are going to be right in your wheelhouse! And if not, I bet we can still find a perfect sour for you…

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Our Favorite, Easy Hot Buttered Rum Recipe

National Hot Buttered Rum Day is almost upon us. This year it is being celebrated on the 17th of January...who says we have to stop drinking festive drinks just because the holidays are over?! Now, we hardly need an excuse to sip on this delicious tipple, especially...

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