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Welcome to The Crafty Cask, a place for craft beer, wine and spirit enthusiasts to learn, discover and enjoy their passion. A place that’s dedicated to telling the stories behind the craft, the history, up and coming innovations, lesser known drinks and, of course, the incredible people and places behind it all.

Ciders of the World: A Boozy Geography Lesson

Geography Time! Cider is like a wine: the terroir, temperature, and the apples themselves create a unique, regional profile. This makes the many ciders of the world unique because you aren’t simply drinking fermented apple juice, but you’re drinking a local tradition...

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Cider: The Down and Dirty Truth

People hear the word cider and often say, “too sweet for me!” These rumors and misconceptions are giving cider a bad name and I’m here to bust some myths by going into a bit of history, explaining how cider is made and providing a starter guide to finding the style of...

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