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Welcome to The Crafty Cask, a place for craft alcohol enthusiasts to learn, discover and enjoy their passion. A place that’s dedicated to telling the stories behind the craft, up and coming innovations, lesser known drinks and, of course, the incredible people and places behind it all.

Diving into Rum…Our Full Series

Let me be the first to say, rum is going to be the next whiskey! Ok, maybe I'm not the first to say that. In fact, I've already said that in one of our past rum articles. But I've been saying it a lot lately and plan to continue to say it a lot more. If your last...

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Mead: Your New Favorite Drink, Seriously.

Whiskey, check, vodka, sure, beer, you bet! But when it comes to venturing into the subculture of alcohol that steps past these norms one may meet the drink of times past (and hopefully times present!) - mead. Right now, we'd like to get you sweet on this honey-based...

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VIDEO: All About Orange Wine!

Today we're talking all about one of Suzanne's absolute favorites...orange wine! Haven't heard of them or tried them? Don't worry, you're in the majority. While orange wines have been around since the beginnings of wine they are relatively rare, hard to find and just...

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Summer Showdown: Orange Wine vs. Rosé

Let me take a wild guess here...you've heard of rosé. I mean between all of the #roséallday #drinkpink and #yeswayrosé, how could you have missed it? Rosé has been hotter than hot for a few years now and with summer in full-swing it's in it's glory days. But something...

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Cheers to craft alcohol!

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